Healthcare Naming & Branding with Focus on Pharma

NOMEN Healthcare is the specialised unit of the leading European naming agency NOMEN International with focus on prescription (Rx), OTC, medtech and biotech branding. We solely concentrate on developing strong international brand names. Although we are based in Düsseldorf, Germany, we are a highly international team that enjoys travelling the world to work closely with our clients worldwide.

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International Network with French Roots

NOMEN International is the leading independent naming agency in Europe with an unparalleled network of affiliates in Paris, Düsseldorf, London, Milan and Tokyo, plus partners throughout the world. Being headquartered in Paris, NOMEN International was established in 1981 by Marcel Botton who still works as a service provider himself. More than 80 permanent employees, 500 linguists and 200 legal correspondents work for NOMEN International in over 100 countries worldwide.

The NOMEN Group works for a broad range of industries with worldwide leading companies and has created many powerful brand names.

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360° Naming Services

At NOMEN we provide you with a systematic brand-centric approach in international healthcare naming. We tackle your project from every angle harnessing the expertise of creative, global marketing, legal and regulatory, research and design specialists. Our tightly-knitted work process with the complementary expert units bring out best naming and branding results.

NOMEN Healthcare Experts have extensive experience developing prescription and OTC brands for a wide range of pharmaceutical companies.

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