NOMEN Healthcare – You Care. We Care. BrandCare.

The Brandcare approach does something for the brand what the GP does for the patient: a comprehensive and holistic interception that relies on expert consultation but ensures a harmonious balance of the whole. The only difference is that the final goal is not only health, but development.”

Marcel Botton – CEO NOMEN International Group

Our Vision

We at NOMEN Healthcare want to guarantee a safe, easy and clear selection process for HCPs and patients by distinct product names when it comes to the choice of pharmaceuticals. With our names we want to avoid medication errors due to name confusion.

Balancing Global Reach and Local Expertise

Each of our local branches contributes knowledge of country-specific customs, laws, languages and cultures in a coordinated effort to meet your needs. As a result, you can be confident that your name and/or identity will appeal to consumers and have strong legal standing in your target markets.

Focusing on our Clients

The cornerstone of our approach is active listening.

We invest time in understanding your particular challenges and goals.

We welcome new ideas and perspectives, knowing that diversity of opinions sharpens our thinking and fuels our creative energies. Because you always come first, everyone in the company, even our CEO, is available to you whenever you need us.

Focusing on Patients’ Safety

12.5 % of treatment mistakes go down to name misinterpretations, according to the FDA. Our core driver of creating names in such a delicate market as the pharmaceutical industry is patients’ safety. We understand the necessity of the market being highly regulated and work in line with international, EU and local standards and requirements of the relative authorities. Hence, within our CreaNomen process we focus on regulatory and legal presettings for a smooth process and final name approval by the regulatory authorities.

Number Nerds

A strong branding requires a profound analytical basis. With NOMEN you can be confident that your future brand name stands on solid ground.

What Makes Us Different?

Nomen is not a typical naming or branding consultancy.

  • Our client partners trust us because we have global reach paired with local knowledge.
  • We listen closely to our clients’ problems and develop tailored solutions for them.
  • Our clients trust us because we have more experience than any other company in the world in name creation.
  • No other naming and branding company owns a trademark firm dedicated to protecting their clients’ interests.
  • Every one of our managers, including our CEO, is still a service provider, lending years of experience to each client project.
  • We at Nomen love what we do. The friendly and open work culture within and across our countries permits stable personnel with profound expertise in naming and branding, and high integrity.