What we do

NOMEN Healthcare offers holistic name creations for pharmaceuticals and healthcare brands.

At NOMEN we provide you with a brand centric approach tackling your brand from every angle. This includes name development, strategy, legal and regulatory scrutiny, research, design and international linguistic checks. Our tightly-knitted work process with the complementary expert branches brings out best naming and branding results.

Services at a Glance


  • Pharmaceutical Name Development (prescription, OTC, INNs, biotech) + Validation and Regulatory Screening
  • Re-Naming
  • Descriptors/Addenda Creation
  • Transliterations into different characters (Chinese, Japanese, Arabic)
  • Visual Identities (Logo Creation) + Validation
  • Ideation Workshops


  • Brand Strategy Development, Optimisation, Validation
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Positioning, Re-positioning + Validation
  • Line Extensions


  • Qualitative Research
  • Quantitative Research
  • Name Testing
  • Cross-Cultural Checks
  • Logo Validation
  • Regulatory Research

Name Safety Testing

  • Regulatory Screening
  • Legal Identical and Similarity Research
  • Trademark Protection
  • Linguistic-Cultural Checks

Our Services