Market Research Services at a Glance


  • Qualitative Research
  • Quantitative Research
  • Name Testing
  • Cross-Cultural Checks
  • Logo Validation
  • Regulatory Research

Better Safe than Sorry!

Names are created and your favourites are set – but what name is the best? With our qualitative and quantitative name tests, we back up your decision and the creatives to guarantee a positive response on an international basis.

With our global research, we can test your names, brand statements and your logos to find out what impact your communication tools can have on your audience.

In an incrementally assembled test procedure NOMEN Healthcare identifies the potential of the names and thus provides you with a solid basis for your final decision on the name.

  • How will the name be pronounced in the target countries?
  • What associations does it evoke?
  • Does the name fit to the product and the company?
  • Does it reflect the desired world?
  • Is the name memorable?

Additionally, you will find out about the communicative chances that the name offers.