Creative Services at a Glance


  • Pharmaceutical Name Development (prescription, OTC, INNs, biotech) + Validation and Regulatory Screening
  • Re-Naming
  • Descriptors/Addenda Creation
  • Transliterations into different characters (Chinese, Japanese, Arabic)
  • Visual Identities (Logo Creation) + Validation
  • Ideation Workshops

Pharmaceutical Naming: A name needs to develop

With our creative linguistic minds and grasp for cultural diversity, we create strong pharmaceutical brand names, International Non-Proprietary Names (INNs) as well as convincing designs that work worldwide. Within pharmaceutical naming we specialise in developing names for both prescription and OTC drugs.

Our objective is to build up brand asset that lasts longer than the patent protection of your pharmaceutical and is ready to maintain its leading position when generics are launched.

The Perfect Fit

Our challenge is to find a strong positive brand name that is internationally understood, fits to your product, company and portfolio, and has not been registered as a trademark, yet – in a world with more than 6,500 languages worldwide and more than 20 languages in Europe.

To overcome linguistic and cultural risks, NOMEN performs extensive linguistic pre-checks with our large global network of 500 linguists.

Do you have an existing pharmaceutical product and want to launch it in Japan, China or Arabic countries?

NOMEN offers transliterations of existing and/or new names into different characters like Japanese and Chinese.

Our Claim to Brand Names:

  • Positive names that support compliance
  • International
  • Memorable
  • Distinct
  • Easy to pronounce
  • Suggestive
  • Unique

Digital Auditing – WebCheck

As an additional service, we also offer digital audits for successful 2.0 communication. We create catchy names that work for apps, in URLs for websites and landing pages as well as in social media channels.

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