Name Safety Services at a Glance

Name Safety Testing

  • Regulatory Screening
  • Legal Identical Research
  • Legal Similarity Research by our Trademark Attorneys
  • Trademark Protection by our Trademark Attorneys
  • Linguistic-Cultural Checks
  • WebCheck

Thumbs up for Name Safety

While putting our full creativity into finding the right name for your healthcare brand, we make sure that your future brand stands on solid legal and regulatory ground.

Marketing, legal and regulatory form one unity at NOMEN Healthcare.


Meeting Regulatory Requirements

In the past few years the regulatory requirements became much more challenging leading to the fact that nowadays 50 to 70 % of all submitted name proposals are refused by regulatory authorities.

Although we cannot guarantee a prompt acceptance by regulatory authorities, we maximize your chance of undergoing a smooth process.

How we make your prescription name regulatory-proof

From the first brief on, we keep a sharp eye to the regulatory naming requirements of the regulatory authorities.

Within our systematic regulatory screening, we test the following aspects:

  • Potential phonetic confusion with other Proprietary Names
  • Potential confusion in writing with other Proprietary Names
  • Identities and Nearly-Identities with Proprietary Names
  • Identities and Nearly-Identities with Non-Proprietary Names
  • Screening of the Official Regulatory Guidances
  • Pre-Check with the local regulatory authorities (where possible)

Regulatory Authorities and NOMEN

We are highly sensitive to the requirements of many local authorities such as European Medical Agency (EMA), bfArM, MHRA, Norwegian Medicines Agency as well as FDA etc.

NOMEN Healthcare works with the regulatory authorities. We do not see them as a threat to creativity and nicely sounding names but as authorities that strive to guarantee patients’ safety. In highly saturated pharmaceutical and healthcare markets where patients make more and more of their own decisions on pharmaceuticals, an easy self-selection needs to be guaranteed.

Facilitating Doctors’ Lives

In Germany, we count about 90,000* pharamceuticals (both prescription and OTC drugs) that are registered with bfArM. Doctors worldwide can only remember 1% of all medication in their countries. Hence, suggestive, memorable and easy names are absolutely necessary.

NOMEN Healthcare makes your brand overcome all present challenges on the market.

*In Germany each dosage form of a medication is counted.

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