Robin is our market research expert.

After his experience in a research institute, Robin joined Nomen in 2011 with the aim to assist clients in their strategic choices and changes. Strategic reorientations mostly concern corporate or brand identities. Robin supports clients in their decisions by providing quantitative and/or qualitative research. In addition to name tests and brand audits being the core business of NOMEN, he also accompanies clients on all brand positioning and product launch issues with ad-hoc surveys.

In a nutshell, Robin conducts research on:

  • Branding: brand awareness, positioning and image surveys
  • The product: concept testing, packaging and communication tests
  • Corporate identity: image and satisfaction surveys

… always being highly aware of the requirements of the pharmacovigilance.

Robin holds a master’s degree of Quantitative Marketing (IAE Grenoble, France), a bachelor’s degree in “International Business and Marketing” (University of Applied Sciences in Turku, Finland) and a diploma in business management and administration (also Grenoble, France).